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A Reinvention Story

Personal Development Mentor | Music Career Advisor

Myron Bernard segued a 30-year music entertainment industry lifestyle and background to pursue and extend his entrepreneurial and personal development skills to others. In 2010 after the world economic crash, he and his wife decided to begin a new journey by living between Stockholm Sweden, and Los Angeles, CA. He started learning everything he could about product creation and running his motivational consultancy business online.

Myron has launched over 30 products quietly to his clients, over the last 5 years while learning to expand his mentoring goals to other creatives online. He continues to develop new techniques and strategies to help creatives find solutions to advance their skillsets and allow their dreams to come true.

By starting Myron Bernard Media, Myron’s goal is to educate those who want to start and grow their own online businesses, passive income side hustles, and how to maintain the right mindset to be successful in life.

His no-fluff, no-nonsense style cuts through the noise, get to the heart of what matters and encourages talented people who have a burning desire to succeed to do so as Quickly and Easily as they can. Simply take one step at a time.

Note from Myron:

“You choose how you view the world and how much enjoyment you get out of it. We often forget we have the power to change our own lives. You can enjoy your life now and in the coming years, much more than you enjoyed it when you were younger. It is all about changing your perception and choosing to appreciate the smaller things in life.

So, are your best years behind you? Absolutely not! Whatever age you are, you can live life to the fullest and embrace all its opportunities. “

Continued Success