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Good Decision Making

Good Decision Making Is All A Matter Of Style

We all want to be better decision-makers. If we aren't thinking about the process of decision-making, we should be. It's always better to be prepared. Why? Because, sooner or later, life is going to throw you a curveball that involves more than deciding what to eat for breakfast.

When these difficult situations arise, the difference in decision-making abilities often decides who survives and who doesn't. Sometimes, this is the case, the ability or inability to make good decisions decides who lives and who dies. You never know what tomorrow will bring. A well-honed decision-making ability can help you make your life a more positive place.

We all make decisions differently depending on who we are.

This is a matter of personality which, in turn, is a matter of genetics and environment. It's important to understand the effect your particular personality has on the decision-making process. This understanding allows you to have a clearer view of how you react to a difficult decision. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to problem-solving. If you know yourself, you will be able to know the style your decision-making takes. Good decision-making is really all a matter of style.

The first main type of decision-making style is the person who is in control. This person tends to face the decision, head-on, as a personal challenge. They alone provide the solution and they alone will take responsibility for the outcome, good or bad. Think Captain Kirk and you've got a pretty good idea if this is you.

The next personality type is the individual who is extremely analytical. This person approaches the problem from an angle of pure logic. Their rigorous and methodical mind allows them to bring the power of critical thinking to bear on the choices the decision in question entails. They sift these choices and find the best solution. Continuing the Star Trek theme, think Mr. Spock to see if this is you.

Another personality type is the person who looks at the big picture when faced with a decision. This person tends to look at all the angles that may have given rise to the problem that know requires the decision. In reaching this decision, they will also look at all the possible outcomes from various perspectives, including ethical and moral considerations. Rounding up the Star Trek theme, think Dr.McCoy to see if this style of decision-maker is you.

Good decision making is really all a
matter of style.